“The” Museum of Sex

Well, Hello Dear Readers!

Today’s highlight is a museum whose very name implies controversial content yet bears great potential for an exciting adventure. When my floor-mate asked me whether or not I have been to the Museum of Sex, I heard of its existence for the very first time but find myself paying it a visit by the next day!

(On our way to the museum @The Subway with my floormates)

Me and my two floormates took the subway and arrived at the museum. The entrance, I have to say, along with the overall exterior was not at all catchy or interesting. Once we got inside through the shop the entire atmosphere changed at a glimpse and the lively environment increased our expectations and intensified our excitement.  Once we purchased our tickets and received our wristbands, things began to get interesting.

(@Museum of Sex, NYC)

You walk from one room or section to the next, each having a different layout; some factual information; others, immersive experiences; visual displays; or interactive play zones. They surely did get creative on providing alternatives to incorporate the subject matter into a public entertainment system.

There are various sexual-themed games you can play inside as well as experiences you can enjoy at the comfort of your seat as various images, splashes of water, hints of air, vibrating sounds, and changing colors come together in the form of a fully immersive sensory show.

(@Museum of Sex, NYC)

It is worth noting here, however, that some of the provided experiences, including but not limited to the bouncy boob castle, the slide that leads to a butt destination, the special five senses show, and the Rodeo ride mimicry require purchasing an additional card with credits up to your choice.

There were also mirrored areas with various shapes and colors in continuous movement in between different sections and they promise a visual feast!

(@Museum of Sex, NYC)

Once we enjoyed the rides, games, and shows as well as got our daily dose of intellectual information overload through the ‘museum’ parts of the museum, we head out for dinner.

(@Museum of Sex, NYC)

If you too end up visiting the museum and get hungry afterwards, pay a visit to Bondi Restaurant located at 6 West 28th Street for an amazing sushi meal. Enjoy a selection of freshly prepared Poke bowls, handrolls, and needless to say, edamame.

On our way back to our dorm, we realized we arrived at the wrong subway station after sliding our cards for a pass but at least we didn’t end up taking the wrong train. We found the right spot soon after but as we were loading our Metro cards the train arrived and we literally had to run and squeeze through the doors as they closed. It sure was an adventure and has made for the perfect ending of such an interesting day.

Stay safe and happy until the next story worth sharing as I Become A New Yorker!



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