Special KIMYE* Edition: The What-How-When-and-Where

Keeping Up With the Kardashians In Real Life

Imagine it is 3 PM on a seemingly regular Friday as you are walking through 6th Avenue and you see a crowd gathered for a cause. You immediately assume there is something or someone important, well-known, to say the least. You approach the crowd, ask strangers or passers-by about the occasion only to be shown videos taken by them seconds ago. Who are on the videos? THE Ultimate Power Couple: “Kimye.” (In case you live in another universe, that stands for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West!) This visualization that seems to be so out of reach just became real for me and here is a quick recap because you know you want to hear it.

Apparently, Kim and Kanye entered a souvenir store, whose significance does not surpass that of the hundreds of similar ones that surround the city. The crowd got denser and denser as people heard who was inside and it wasn’t until I squeezed myself into the very front row that the couple got out. Once they left the shop, the crowd began to follow them, everyone yelling out their names, trying to get a selfie regardless of how cute they themselves look, one of those being me. They cross the street, surrounded by an inner circle of special bodyguards and an extensive outer layer of fans, from all ages and nationalities. There were women aged twice their ages who were fighting over who gets to take pictures as well as grown men crying out loud, driven by admiration, awe, and anxiety all at once.

What was it like to be so close to the overhyped couple, you may ask. Well, it was surreal. You think you know what they look like because you constantly see them online, I know I do, having watched over 10 seasons of their reality show, yet they are much glamorous in real life. Kim’s waist is unrealistically thin and her hips surely don’t lie whereas Kanye is Kanye with his iconic gold chain necklace and yeezy style. It was literally like entering their lives for a few minutes through a Virtual Reality machine; they were real, not distant at all, walking as human beings yet justifiably treated as superior ones.

I should add that the couple was very warm-hearted, regardless of the often-tough impression they give through their fictional identities on press. The very fact that they entered into a souvenir shop that could so understandably be overlooked by them in its purest form is valid proof of patriotism, for show or not. They not only excessively publicized the place, but also opted to immerse into the land of the general public themselves rather than escaping straight into their private cars aided by their special guards. Let it be to gain positive press for Kanye’s newest album Jesus is King or for an overall positive image for their reputation, they certainly approached the crowd with sympathy and gained back theirs.

Kim Kardashian even stopped in the middle of the street to get a picture with a traffic police and the couple was kind enough to smile in my selfies. The bodyguards, on the other hand, were overprotective, understandably so, considering the crowd’s extreme interest in and demand for them. I personally got blocked and even got hit by them when I crossed the boundaries and got a little too close to the celebrities but it was a small compromise for the experience I had, and the pictures I got! This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is one I’ll surely recall years from now and it definitely makes for another experience worth sharing on my process of Becoming a New Yorker!

Randomly coming across Kim and Kanye was definitely extreme, but there is much more to come so stay tuned💫

Until next time,


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