Here is Why People Can’t Get Enough of SoulCycle— and Why They Shouldn’t

50,000+ riders persistently turn on their beast modes for a sweaty 45-minute cardio session in over 93 studios. I took a 5-pack and attended all my sessions. Here is all you need to know about the hyped workout method of our decade:

@SoulCycle, Noho
  1. SoulCycle has a Strong Sense of Community

One of my instructors said that the bikes were intentionally set very close to one another so that riders can feel each other’s breath, presence, and energy. There is a feeling of community and what makes it special is exactly that. Since there are so many studios around the city, most studios have their local riders and most riders get to know each other as well as the instructors. While this is highly motivational and mood-lifting, there are always newbies present in classes. From helping them adjust the height of their bikes to explaining simple details like how to add resistance, the staff members help newcomers adjust to the fast-paced environment where everyone is welcoming and supportive.

  1. It is Perfect for Your Busy Schedule

SoulCycle classes last 45 minutes and are mostly available from as early as 6.30 am to 7.30 pm, depending on which day and location you choose. If you cannot make it early in the morning or feel too tired right after work, you can squeeze in a quick but extremely effective workout somewhere in-between your schedule. Here is the best part: You don’t have to get back to your apartment to shower and change because let’s face it, the showers in SoulCycle are better than those of our own. There are plenty of shower cabins and dressing rooms available at all locations so feel free to utilize them at whatever time of the day you choose to show up.

  1. You Don’t Feel Like You Are Working Out— But You Are

You get to burn the maximum number of calories with the minimum level of boredom and effort; it is almost like a dance party. Once the session begins, everyone tunes in, the instructor becomes a DJ and the lights set the disco scene. You do your own thing, lose yourself and before you know it, it is over! If you put in your best efforts you will burn approximately 500-700 calories without even noticing.

  1. You Can Go at Your Own Pace

The instructor will make suggestions on how much resistance to add or how fast to spin but you can adjust depending on your own needs and abilities. No one in the class could care any less about how fast or resilient you are; unlike at the gym, people mind their own business and focus solely on their own performance. Not to mention, lights often go off to allow and encourage everyone to be free to work at their own paces.

  1. SoulCycle Officially has the Best Workout Gear

If you are looking for a fashionable excuse to work out, SoulCycle’s collaboration with Lululemon should do it. They offer a wide selection of workout apparel and most of their products can conveniently be worn outside. Whatever color, pattern or fit it is that you are looking for, they either have that exact thing or something good enough to make up for it.

Here Are Some Insider Tips Should You Need Them:

  • Don’t take your phone inside the studio (I did so to take photos for this post and they ended up taking it away)
  • Take a friend with you to share the fun and excitement
  • You will get sweaty and will need an immediate shower so plan accordingly
  • Try to avoid sitting in the front row on your first try
  • Bring your own water bottle and fill it in from the fountain (unless you want to pay $ 4 a bottle)
  • There are always ear plugs available at the front desk (as the sounds may get too high) right next to the Orbit gum packs waiting for you to freshen your breath after your workout
  • You can rent cycling shoes at the front desk so don’t bother purchasing a pair
  • Make sure to have fun and have a positive mindset — Remember, it is just 45 minutes!

Stay tuned for more experiences and recommendations from New York!



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