Reflecting on my First Semester

Now that I have officially completed my first semester in New York, I have decided to share some of my most remarkable experiences!

First things first: I had a delightful move-in day and welcome week, met extremely unique individuals, had numerous coffee dates, memorized and forgotten hundreds of names, and made many friends from all around the world.

@NYU Kimmel Center

Besides being in a Macroeconomics class with 491 other students, I have joined NYU’s Fashion Business Association and became the editor of our Zine issue, signed a living agreement with my roommate, rushed for sororities, became a laundry expert, managed to survive with 5 hours of sleep, became a mentee at NYU Luxury and Retail Association, had the pleasure to meet and network with H&M and Lululemon executives, joined a conversation with Microsoft President Brad Smith, put myself on a major challenge and joined a robot workshop, learned some basic software, became a devoted member of our yoga club, attempted to attend some meditation sessions, showed up in the library about 3 times, interviewed random passerby for journalism purposes, pitched new articles weekly as a staff writer for the school newspaper, danced with strangers on Washington Square Park on my way to my dorm, made my peace with squirrels, had my first real thrifting experience, evacuated for three weeks in a row as a safety precaution at 2 am, had the coolest class trips to the VOID and my marketing professor’s agency, had some issues navigating the subway system, saw Kim and Kanye, got thrown away by their bodyguards, accidentally found myself in midst of various protests on my way to class, became a pescatarian (a vegetarian who eats fish), had breakfast next to Rosie H. Whiteley, saw a Yankees game, joined an extended coffee workshop at Stumptown, volunteered to read and edit 50+ short stories, partnered with a senior and pitched a hypothetical business model, hosted my parents for the first time as they paid me a visit on my birthday, joined the Halloween and Thanksgiving Parades, went ice-skating at the magical Rockefeller Rink, went to more attractions and museums than I could keep track of, had my first on-campus job as a backstage prop manager, and received my first official paycheck!

And these barely reflect half the attractions…

I surely did learn and experience a lot, and more is yet to come.

Until next time!



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  1. Çok sevdimmm bu yazıyı👏👏😍en çok da Family visit ve squırrel😂kısmını Bi de roommate sözleşmesi hahaaa Oww my laundary expert🙏daha bir yıl dolmadan tüm bu edinimlerin yeter hayat yolculuğuna Tabi bunu farketmek kıymetli olan Canımsın♥️

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