New York Fashion Week: A ‘Simple’ Breakdown of a Hectic Week

This week was by far my busiest since moving to New York, but it was undoubtedly the best. I was fortunate enough to be hired by an organization for NYFW SS’20 and I couldn’t be more humbled about it. Tears of joy, beats of excitement, and tons of responsibility.

Imagine a bunch of diversified teams blending in a pool of passion. Fashion is an industry where on time is late and perfect is inadequate – A rule of thumb is to overachieve or leave.

It is crazy backstage, but in the best way possible: Everyone’s running, taking directions from one another and being assigned a new task before digesting the current.

Sounds overwhelming, yet, somehow, everyone is more than willing to be a part of this mania better known as Fashion Week. I know because I was, am, and likely always will be.

 In its simplest form, being part of the glamour on and off stage is so inspirational, flattering and intriguing that the 5 am call time is a compromise well worth the struggle.

Imagine 50 hairdressers —51 with rainbow-dyed hair and 50 make-up artists—51 with triple nail extensions. Their time is very limited and there is absolutely no tolerance for wrongdoings so everyone brings their A-games on. 

The space is stocked with unopened boxes sponsored by cosmetics brands and the walls are decorated with mood and vision boards that are both visually appealing and artistically insightful.

You learn to pick up trash if necessary and blend right in, offering help to whomever needs you for whatever purpose, whenever and wherever. It is not all rainbows and smiles but it all adds up to something spectacular.

            Models arrive, find their make-up seats, try not to move as 5 people pull their hair to different directions, scrolling through Instagram as their nails are painted.

Once the glam part (or at least the time arranged for it) is over, dressers make sure the models’ looks are complete, helping them change as quickly as possible during and in between shows.

            One by one, guests start to arrive, each more extravagant and fashion-forward than the other. The ushers and greeters smile as they direct them towards their seats.

Front rowers check out their customized gift bags, take pictures and post them using the hashtags reserved for the shows — the more publicity and social media recognition, the better.

            This is the moment for the DJ’s to really hype out the crowd, so they deliver. It is now about time the show begins.

Front row guests are kindly instructed to unfold their legs, put their bags under their seats, avoid flashes, and enjoy the show!

            Lights go off and boom: Models flow on the runway. Every guest aims for the perfect shot, some complain about the angle.

Everyone walks just fine, no one falls, no hair loses volume, no dress unzips. The show is a success and everyone is glad.

            The designer closes the show with a final appearance and a proud smile that further intensifies the loud round of applause.

            The guests are kindly instructed to leave immediately as the area should be prepared for the next show.

Months’ worth of work and hours’ worth of preparation end in 12 minutes, but the process is magnificent from the inside out.

You are extremely humbled to be present there at that moment, having somewhat contributed to the occurrence of a real-life dream.

Until next time,


If you haven’t already, check out my Instagram stories for exclusive behind-the-scenes and on-the-runway content: @yaprakugurses

PS I would like to clarify that I chose to leave out details regarding the workplace, its operations and employees, having signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement by the organization I choose not to specify for confidentiality purposes and I acknowledge that this is content is fully subjective.

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