Galentine’s Day: An Unromantic Celebration of Love

Because Your Friends Love Surprises and You Love Your Friends

A nail spa retreat for two, a waffle-brunch date, a bottle of champagne and a pink heart-shaped chocolate box are not just things you get every day; they are things you gift or receive on Galentine’s Day. In an era where Ice Cream Day is a national holiday, don’t close girlfriends deserve a day of their own too?

Ten years ago, ‘Galentine’s Day’ originated from an episode of sitcom “Parks and Recreation” during a girls-only mimosa brunch.  Now the festivities have become big business, just like Valentine’s Day. Celebrated on February 13, Galentine’s Day is a girls-only celebration among supportive friends to show their appreciation for each other.

The rising popularity of this female-friendly holiday caught the eye of modern-day businesses as Hallmarks began selling special Galentine’s cards and Auntie Anne’s started offering free delivery with promo code GALENTINE on checkout.

 “Galentine’s Day is an awesome day to celebrate friendship in my opinion,” said Carrie Chen, an NYU Freshman. “It’s important because we are used to celebrating our romantic relationships, but we should spend time celebrating friendships as well.”

Chen started celebrating the day back in high school even though some of her friends had boyfriends. “I would totally celebrate Galentine’s Day if I had a boyfriend,” she said.

The celebration is not part an anti-Valentine’s Day movement. Still, while being single is not a requirement for the celebration, not having a romantic significant might act as an incentive to cherish friendships.

“I think it is really sweet for friends to go and have fun, especially if they are lonely and don’t have boyfriends,” said Natasha Kozaric, a freshman at NYU. “The company of other people makes them feel better and there is nothing wrong with going out with friends.”

Kozaric went out for dinner with close girlfriends and exchanged small gifts like boxes of chocolate. “We don’t have boyfriends but it is fine, we have fun and support each other,” she said.

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