The Museum of Ice Cream Looks Great on Instagram, But How About in Real Life?

I’m not quite sure how a bunch of selfie-worthy backdrops, a self-explanatory sprinkle-pool, a very pink subway photo booth, and a slide count as a museum, but count me in! 

Swimming in sprinkles looks good on Instagram, but it’s great in real life. The photos capture the selfie-friendly walls and aesthetically pleasing instillations with bright colors and lots of neon lights. But wait, there is more!


When you leave one room, the other welcomes you with open arms — serving ice cream — of course. I may be biased because I eat ice cream even when it snows but everyone seemed to be enjoying the mystery of discovering which flavor awaited us behind the next magic door.

One of the most interesting parts of the ‘museum’ for me was the dreamy ‘subway station’, that I wish I could ride back home. Well, I guess that is how I approached the whole experience: it felt real until I realized it was not. It was dream-like but not unrealistic.

Overall, before you could complain about leaving one room, you began to enjoy the next. It was an experience that kept exciting us.

In full transparency though, it did feel pretentious witnessing how everyone was there for the pictures. But that is the kind of museum this is: An Instagrammer’s wonderland. The whole experience was designed to decorate visitors’ feeds. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily, but it does steal from the present moment. So, stay tuned for the next Insta-worthy exhibit!

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