The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Experience: The One Where Fans Immerse into to the Lives of Their Favorite TV Friends

From signed original scripts of the final episode to interactive set recreations, this is a dream come true for Friends fans! And let’s be honest, that’s basically the whole world.

The experience begins with a hyping video displayed on the (enlarged screen version of) the yellow frame on Monica’s purple door, which opens into the iconic orange couch in front of the fountain. The only thing missing is Rachel running around with an umbrella. Off to a fun start!

Then, we enter the museum-style display of props and costumes from the show. I’m talking Phoebe’s (unburned) dollhouse and Joey’s everything-that-Chandler-owns costume. The real stuff.

The lyrics of the theme song is written on the stairs, our favorite song follows us with each step.

Next stop: Monica’s kitchen. Unless you look at all the details, it is a pretty good recreation of the main set. It’s Monica-clean and way too organized.

Moving onto Chandler and Joey’s (and of course the Chick’s and Duck’s) place, and the first thing we see is the foosball table. And, yes, the reclining chairs are also there.

Then, there is the couch. Remember when Ross was screaming ‘Pivot’ over and over and over again? Well, that explains why a couch is stuck on its way up the stairs for fans to pose with.

The experience would have been incomplete had Central Perk not been included. Thankfully, it was our last stop. Fans could actually get coffee from the iconic coffeeshop, though Phoebe wasn’t singing ‘Smelly Cat.’

Overall, this experience is the closest fans can get to step into the lives of their favorite TV characters. For super fans or just curious readers, below are some fun facts about the show:

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!



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