… And Just Like That I Found Myself in the Middle of Carrie’s Brunch Date with Charlotte and Miranda (Well, Sort Of)

They say when you repeat something a thousand times, it becomes real — Let’s just say I’m a big “Sex and the City” fan.

As I continue digesting having seen Sarah Jessica Parker in real life, I have to admit I’m not shocked because I have literally been sending signs to the universe to magically appear on the set of the upcoming reboot: “And Just Like That” ever since they began filming all around Manhattan. Carrie Bradshaw was ‘the’ free-spirit who made me fall in love with New York even more with every episode, so I owe it to her to write a few words… She might not be the only one storing heels in her oven.

Whenever I see professional cameras, I ask someone with a badge what they are filming. On this particular day, I happened to walk by a professional set-up on my way to class. A staff member told me they were shooting a Tv show for “HBO Max” and avoided disclosing more information. A few minutes and a few too many questions later, he kindly confirmed they were shooting “And Just Like That.” I figured this was a once in a lifetime opportunity worth skipping class for — And I was so right.

I began waiting outside, right across the street from the restaurant they were filming at. The production assistant told me to stay at the corner as they closed the street for shooting.

I began navigating the best angles to capture the glamorous 50-somethings. Then, I spotted Carrie. Before I knew it, she was sitting with Charlotte and Miranda, having brunch just like they did when Carrie returned from Paris at the series finale. There they were, right in front of me, real (perhaps with some botox).

I kept walking back and forth the only street non-staff people were allowed to walk on. I was lucky enough to film them before they covered the rest of the windows to continue shooting privately. I left for a coffee break, only to find myself back at my corner just in case I could spot them again. Little did I know they were nearly done filming for the day.

As I waited with my camera on, Miranda appeared on my screen as she walked into a car. Charlotte was the second to leave, and she was kind enough to wave.

Carrie Bradshaw was the last one to leave set. She was in a hurry as per usual – After all, it’s not easy being a full-time style icon! She is a true inspiration and a gentle reminder that beauty is about being authentic and embracing who we are. She accomplished a lot and failed a lot, but she was always bold enough to stay true to herself, and that was her super power.

I can’t wait to witness what awaits the fabulous three as they navigate life in their fifties. In the meantime, I will be navigating mine!



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