My Favorite Cardio Classes in New York City (So Far!)

1. SoulCycle

Let’s begin with SoulCycle because my last class was just as fascinating as my first. They deliver every single time. It’s fast and furious; emotional and empowering. There is something special about being so close to other riders. You breathe togetherand motivate each other. No one compares themselves to anyone, everyone is there to invest in themselves, mentally and physically. The second you step inside the studio and the lights go off, you are detached from all the stress and tension. You step out of the mind and into the body. It’s a great workout, but also a great break. However, it is worth mentioning that in my experience, there are SoulCycle-people and Anti-SoulCycle-people. You either love it or hate it, there is no in between. So, it is not for everyone, especially if cardio is not your thing. This is a high-intensity, hyped-up, beast-mode-on type of workout.

2. Rumble Boxing

I’ve taken kickboxing classes here and there, so the idea of alternating between punching water-filled bags and strength-training exercises until your arms stop functioning sounded fun. And I was right – Both about it being fun and about my arms being sore. This is a full-body workout that combines shadowboxing with cardio and resistance training. Jab, cross, front hook … jumping jacks and burpees! While no boxing experience is necessary, it doesn’t hurt to know the moves beforehand because this is a fast-paced class. It is as exciting as it is challenging. You neither know the next move nor knowwhether you will bump into the person in front of you as you run from your boxing spot to your strength-training spot. Now, isn’t that fun?

3. Barry’s Bootcamp

If you love to run but can only last a few minutes on the treadmill, I may have good news. At Barry’s, you run only for a few minutes … until it’s time to alternate muscle groups. This is an hour-long high-intensity interval training workout that continually encourages you to sprint faster on the treadmill and lift heavier on the floor. I personally wouldn’t necessarily call this fun, but it is an effective cardio workout that is designed to help you burn as many calories as you can. You start to lift before you can catch up your breath after running at high speed but it is because you work that hard that it feels as great afterwards. Beast-mode-on for sure!

4. Peloton

Okay, technically, Peloton is virtual. But still, most of the instructors film their content at the New York City studio – Plus,I am obsessed. So, it counts.

It’s basically a sustainable way of incorporating cycling into your daily life that guarantees to boost your mood. Your bike, your choice. You can select everything from the duration, and the instructor to the music type depending on your mood. There are special themed rides, some dedicated to holidays, others, to specific artists. Sure, the lights are not actually dark and you are not physically surrounded by motivated riders (hi, SoulCycle!), but you feel their presence because Peloton’s sense of community is what they take most pride in. Most of the instructors are social media influencers with different vibes, but they all nail it when it comes to uniting, motivating, and uplifting individual riders. You can high five each other, get a shout out from your instructor, scream from the top of your lungs, cry, and laugh at the same time. SO good.

P.S. My favorite cycling instructor is Kendall – and her early-2000s jams – But Emma’s core workouts are unparalleled. And Cody has the best jokes.

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