Global Citizen Festival New York City, NY

Two weeks before to the festival, I was watching the MTV Video Music Awards live from my apartment – Little did I know that Justin Bieber was becoming Artist of the Year within a 15-minute-drive from my place. Once I realized that, FOMO was real. A few minutes of aggressive event searching and quite a few positive messages to the universe later, I came across Global Citizen! Here are my notes on it.

Witnessing performances by Coldplay, Billie Eilish, Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo, Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes… while helping raise awareness and funds to tackle global injustices like extreme poverty, the Climate Crisis and protecting our planet? Sounds too good to be true, and it was really good.

Global Citizen is not your typical festival; there are just as many (if not more) activists and goodwill ambassadors than the performing artists. If music is a global language that unites us, then what better medium could compliment this global recovery plan? The perfect blend of pop and reality; the perfect opportunity to learn and act. A once-in-a-generation festival with a cause.

It’s no surprise that festivals attract young audiences, but this one specifically targeted high school and college students and those who are just starting out on their careers because change is a long-term commitment that starts now — with us. In between performances, activists shared facts and data and information and they called for action. Then, Billie hopped on the stage and thanked us for ‘giving a f-ck about our planet’. She looked happier than ever.

It was equally fun, inspirational and educating. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have lasted standing more than 9 hours with no water, food, or restroom. Just as I thought I could not stand a second longer, Coldplay took over the stage, and now I could do anything but leave. It was an experience, and a great one indeed.

After 2 years of barely interacting with one another, being in Central Park with a packed audience was remarkably exciting. The artists were just as hyped to be on stage and the energy was out of this world. But we are here in this world together, and that is what the festival was all about: how we can overcome anything when we come together.

Check out my stories and my reels for the visuals!

xx Yaprak

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