Spotted: the Kardashians & the Biebers

my dad spotted some paparazzi at the Soho House on our way back from Malibu. with no expectations and much excitement, we pulled over near what turned out to be the trucks of Kendall’s 818 tequila brand. before we knew it, we found ourselves waiving at Kris, the momager & it was only the beginning.

the paparazzi began running back and forth, attracting an ever-growing audience of fans and curious passerby. someone was coming. but it wasn’t until bodyguards overcrowded the entrance of the venue that Kendall officially left her car right in front of us. she waved at us as she walked. apparently everywhere is her runway.

Kendall Jenner

before we could digest Kendall’s entrance arrived Kim in a car that perfectly matched her outfit. somewhere between trying to capture her and find creative ways to stay warm, we were definitely skipping our dinner reservation.

Kim Kardashian

just as we thought we saw more than we could have imagined, people started yelling “Justin.” before I could even say no way, there he was, walking with Hailey, literal steps away from us. Hailey waved and smiled directly at my sister after Justin said “not now” to her photo request. they walked in, slowly, steps away from us.

Justin and Hailey Bieber

a few minutes of shock later entered Khloe. she didn’t turn down the “over the shoulder” request of the paparazzi who kept saying Kylie will arrive “any minute now” in a car “that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”

hours passed like minutes as Kim walked back into her car, making sure to give us the content we were waiting for. she left. then we did. best part? it happened when we least expected it to. right time, right place. such a remarkable night.



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